Come rain or shine, our volunteers carry food boxes from the delivery truck to the ARM distribution center.
Our enthusiastic volunteer English teachers help students of all levels improve.
Our refugee patients’ blood pressure is read as they wait to see the doctor, ensuring we know how best to help them.
Trying a new coat on for size.
We have developed an efficient system to get the food boxes upstairs!
Even the cardboard boxes go to good use as our neighbors collect it to use as fuel.
Many refugees have benefited from the barista training course run by Coffee Haus, a local roasting company.
One of the women being trained by Jaraki.
A sample of the variety of products that the Jaraki women are creating.
One of our early distribution and registration times at Kurtuluş Church.
We love to help our refugees celebrate national holidays together!
We encourage Christian refugees in a nearby city to meet together and grow in their faith.